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A Press Release by Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection


A Press Release by Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection


Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection is deeply concerned about the decision of Arab Coalition led by K. S. A to close all Yemeni air, sea and land inlets. Such a disasteruos and unjustified decision doubles the current humanitarian crisis which is the worset in the world as per the United Nations statements




YACP condemns this aggressive decision against 26 million person, which deprived them from medicine, food and other life aspects. It, thus, calls the United Nations, Security Council, INOGs and International Community to prevent such a decision, raise the siege and halt the war against Yemenis which kill them in a bigger massacre seen in the modern era.

YACP confirms that such a great current humanitarian disaster requires an urgent solution rather than imposing more restrictions and military escalation. The current situation is not indeed endurable. Three years of war and seige later, Yemenis have come to the maximum summit of suffering which goes against all humanitarian and international laws and norms.

Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection reminds all of the famine indicators that broke out widely in different Yemeni areas. Poverty covered 90 % out of population due to the imposed seige and war that destroyed all life aspects. Infectious dangeruos diseases have broken out widely and health system also deteriorated. Schools are not open which left 5 million student outside school as teachers and education staff do not receive their salaries any more. All life aspects stopped.

YACP calls and appeals to all parties to conflict to be wise and take their full responsibility for halting such aimless war that overwhelmed the majority of Yemenis and go back for dailogue table. It also calls the International Community to press on Saudi-led Coalition and also K. S. A to stop their war against Yemenis and raise seige imposed on them through closing all sea, land and air inlets, particularly their recent decision which needs to be condomned and refused strongly as it made a wide prison out of Yemen and brought hanger and death to all Yemenis. This decision is a stigma which cannot be forgetten in times to come.