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A Press Release issued by Yemen Association for Consumer Protection on the


A Press Release issued by Yemen Association for Consumer Protection on the World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March 2018

Yemen Association for Consumer Protection (YACP) continues celebrating World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March of each Year to carry out its tasks, as it is the expressing voice of Yemeni consumer and to advocate consumer basic rights under the exceptional circumstances and challenges that our country has been facing due to war and siege for three years.


The war and siege increase suffering of Yemeni consumer who lost source income, inflation and currency devaluation, which negatively influenced necessary commodities and services prices.


International Consumers (CI) has selected the theme of this year “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer”. Although we are aware that such a theme does not match Yemeni consumer priorities for the time being, celebrating this occasion reminding us of difficult circumstances that our country is experiencing. It also helps calling International Community, on behalf of Yemeni consumers, to push stopping war and raising siege imposed Yemen to save 27 million person and protect them from an existing humanitarian disaster that result in dire consequences in case the crisis is not solved.

Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection (YACP) believes that facing main challenges of E-Commerce and make it available for consumers needs to promote trust and access. This is a common responsibility of states, private sector and consumer association.

YACP confirms that factors of that keep E-Commerce in Yemen at a lower level are weak information infrastructure and absence of law and monitoring that protect consumer from cheating and unfair transaction on the internet. Promoting consumer digital awareness may create opportunities for Yemeni products or services to be offered. Comparatively, it can help Yemeni consumers purchasing their needs online. However, this necessitate that concerned authorities take their responsibility to protect digital consumer, being either a seller or a purchaser. On this occasion, YACP confirms that it stands beside the consumer by all available means and mechanisms and continues carrying out awareness activities to keep consumers aware of protective procedures to save their basic rights. In this difficult circumstances that Yemen is experiencing, YACP call all organizations, associations and corporations in all countries to cooperate with it to support sustainability of its activities and mandate during the current crisis in order to avoid disastrous effects surrounding Yemeni consumer at all levels.

YACP also warns of dangers seizing Yemeni consumer under having parties to conflict neglecting suffering and disasters resulted from intensified war and siege. It appeals to parties to conflict, UNs and International Community to put an end for the war and raise siege immediately as 27 million Yemeni person are on the edge of a real disasters following two years of destructing war that finished all living means.

YACP expresses its concerns of double customs on food commodities and products and leaving this unsolved doubles consumers suffering. YACP attracts attention to difficult circumstances that Yemeni consumer is experiencing killed by difficult situations, war, siege, unpaid salaries for more than a year, disease and infections out breaking, crazily price rise, increasing number of needy and poor people and appearing of hanger indicators.

YACP is deeply concerned about increasing rate of acute malnutrition among children, increasing number of IDPs and currency devaluation. It expresses its concerns of having Yemeni people abandoned by UNs and International Community and their silence while the war and siege is continuing to prevent Yemeni people from importing its basic needs of food and food which exceeds 90 %. Confessing that disaster in Yemen is being aware of by local and international public opinion as it is seen in consecutive international reports, it renews its appeals to all international actors and international organizations to stand behind Yemeni people and press on parties to conflict to stop war immediately, raise siege and goes to negotiation table in order to save people lives.

Yemen Association for Yemeni Consumer seize this opportunity to renew its commitments and responsibilities for Yemeni consumer. It encourages all parties to conflict to deal with their events and statements seriously in order to enhance common responsibilities for Yemeni consumer to alleviate his suffering resulted from war that threatens his life in terms of commodities quality. It also calls parties to put an end for smuggled commodities and enhance his buying power.

Issued by Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection Sana`a, 14 March 2018